jeudi 22 février 2007

For the sake of Beauty

She who talks to Birds

Poetry is what gets lost in translation. ~Robert Frost

Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. ~Leonard Cohen

Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary. ~Kahlil Gibran

anytime I'm in my bed ready to sleep I have a tidal wave of poems,songs and deepest thoughts that comes to me and twirl in my head,I just can't sleep.
I toss for hours, I try to fall asleep but I can't stop thinking.

My worries,my dreams,my hopes,my wishes and my fears are there, talking to me, trying to make a connection.
Then I finally dream, the best part of this...

that's the reason why I love sleeping, also because I get all grumpy when I'm waked up too early and it breaks the end of my dreams.

I believe dreams at night are important.
They show me the way,they comfort me.

I have dreamt of snow, I was gliding on it, like embracing it, it was soft and beautiful ,something like cotton...not cold.


When I talk about myself, I often feel like a scarecrow, in the way I might scare with my difference, in the solitude I feel but birds of compassion can relate and understand me thanks the Goddess! It also reminds me of the wizard of Oz, the scarecrow that is so funny and sweet and only wants a brain,knowledge,understanding of things...

I have a brain of course but I'm constantly searching for new knowledge,wisdom,positive influence,I need to understand things always...

the writing are first bouddha's quote:" the mind is everything what we think we become" and that's true:)

then I have added: so what can stop you now, shed and burry your wrong beliefs certain souls can see behind your appearance it's your life it's your dream you can't be blind and death to it.

I think it was interesting also to work on a rather masculine figure:)
I also need to talk to the dark prince in me you know.
I am very feminine,most of my art sounds feminist, a celebration of women with her breaks,lights,knowledges and failures. but I am complete in the sense I know there is a man in me. not only the men of my life, the mentors but the yang of my being.

It's easier in French anyways because for a human being we can say "un Homme"."les hommes",I belong to this, genderless.

Today I've had my apointement at the local agency for employment to talk to them about my project to make a living from my art.
It's all complicated, especially because in some ways you need money to begin.
Hopeful my fiancé will end school in June ,get his diploma and find a job quickly:)

then we'll find a new apartment and I'll be able to work more seriously and in concret in my projects.

At the moment, I do all I can,I work,I share,I sell, I collect ideas of all the things I can do, I have to accept to grow slowly and that all the projects won't be able to be completed in one year ^_^ I'm so impatient sometimes:)

I was so touched last night,venting,pouring my heart to Sebastien and he told me I really had my own style and that was one of the most important for an artist, to have one's identity.

I am also so immensely grateful for the support I receive, for the people who recognize my style, that touches me so much!

I might be full of doubts, so introverted/shy( hate that word:p because paradoxically I am very frank and honest I say what I think and some people can't hear that sometimes!) shyness implies a fear I guess and I don't fear others, I trust my soul I am just so uncomfortable to have to speak in public, but to give class one day it will be different ^-^ because anytime I speak art I'm so vehement,dancing with emotions and colors, it's one of my language with poetry, the written words:)

so yes in spite of sometimes being my worste enemy I'm heading my path, I have a strong will, I have a deep trust in my soul, in my limitless imagination.

I won't give up.

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Pattie Mosca a dit…

You are so brave to expose yourself to the bone the way you do...So wonderful that you are getting to know yourself so well...Like your art it is ever evolving and such a wonderful thing...Thank you so much for sharing my blog on your site, I am both honored and overjoyed! I will do the same on my site...Because we (meaning most artists) feel the same way that you do right different times in our just is what you choose to do with those my darling girl are light years ahead of where I was at your age...An old soul blooms within you, you will catch up, I promise! I am just now catching up with my carefree child soul. BELIEVE!!
Artfully Yours,
ps...I keep a special journal for my shadow muse...It is called THE BLUE JOURNAL!! I will share some pieces with you sometime!

Pattie Mosca a dit…

I will post a blue journal page on my blog...I have learned over the years that posting in this journal is done when my shadow muse is present and helps me honor her and then she will leave me alone!! LOL...Believe it or not you are already sharing your inspiration and self by blogging here every day and honoring your creativity! You have an amazing sense of self! By giving your self the power to honor this sense you start to cast away the fear...BELIEVE!
Artfully Yours,
ps: Know that you are the light of your own soul...

Princess Haiku a dit…

I am touched by your courage in revealing your inner process when you are such a sensitive soul.