dimanche 11 mars 2007

Okay let's take some risks & see if my work can find a home

I've chosen Freedom at ebay now!!!

available here

4 commentaires:

Tricia Scott a dit…

hi there! such a beautiful piece. i love the colors.
hope the headache is gone.

Pattie Mosca a dit…

I gave your name to an on line creative newspaper to interview you for there ARTIST SPOTLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
More people need to see what you do!!
Artfully Yours,

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

oh thank you so much Pattie! you're too kind!
what is the name of that online creative newspaper?
I have already been interviewed in artella:) recently another collage of mine got published in artitudezine, I would love to be published in a French magazine or newspaper...guess I have to be patient with that:)

blessed be!

Pattie Mosca a dit…

It was Artella..I did not see your interview...I was interviewed there too!! See we are published soul sisters!!!!!!!!!
Keep submitting to other papers..
I have started to do that more, moving past the fear!!
Artfully Yours,