dimanche 25 mars 2007

The bridge...

The Goddess inside

there are days we feel chatty & ready to pour our soul and share every emotions, and there are days silence feels wiser, like a comfort.
Not because we have nothing to say,but maybe because every thoughts are dancing and some are crying or laughing, we cannot really decipher something clearly...

and so I feel as if I was mute,as if I had nothing to say but it's just that my mind is quite busy with reality and the pieces of the realms of dreams are scattered all the place inside me.

I am already tired to have to think "reality" and be sensible, it'll be a long road...
but if it's the road of my dreams I guess it's worth it.
It takes time to really achieve something.
I need to build a brigde to mend the gap between the harsh reality of our societies and my wishes,my dreams...

that's the metaphore! because a bridge really needs time,patience,reason,wisdom,a lot of hard work, we are responsible for the dreams who will take this bridge, if the bridge is not well thought and prepared it can collapse and you know nobody's perfect but such failures can cost many dream lives!

anyways, I am pretty fine in spite of the stress and the little time to create :)

I am having thousands of ideas, I came with huge spontaneity and enthusiasm and end up the day with tears ready to flow and a pack of doubts...but all in all I have to work & try to remain positive!

and that image of bridge kind of inspired me for a collage/painting, let's think about it :)

many blessings***

2 commentaires:

Princess Haiku a dit…

Dear Helene,
You are indeed a fey spirit and I couldn't imagine the world without them. Your watercolors delight me.

Tricia Scott a dit…

hi helene, i really enjoyed your post. your work is lovely as always and i love the self-portraits. isabelle was so lucky to get to hang out with you. i am so glad that you made a real life in person art friend. we can all learn so much from one another.
as for books---i recommend any of the somerset studio books.