samedi 22 décembre 2007

I'm not into xmas but still Thank you so much my dearest friends!

I am lucky that undeniable!^_____^
so in spite of all worries and emotional turmoils I've experienced lately I can feel my gratitude!
I am so very happy and touched!
I got several xmas cards along this week,thank you all so much!
I also got fabulous xmas gifts that truly made my day!

ah! Yes I love gifts and surprises, always so touching and cheering:-)
especially the heartfelt ones, so thank you so much my dear friends!
gives me 10 years old again to open packages ^-^

I should also received cool things from my amazon wishlist, goddess oracles cards, rumi books because I adore Rumi <3
ah poetry and quotes!

welcome... at your own risks

Breathing my beloved in...

The days I feel good in my skin in my soul being me, I can smile, create more freely,carelessless,without worrying, without needing empty approvals...I enjoy that kind of immense freedom I can allow to myself sometimes!

I've had a Kate bush day :) it was good, I love when people say I sometimes look kinda like her, It's someone I admire:)

wuthering heights  version 1.0"How could you leave me when I needed to possess you?"

wuthering heights version 1.1 ' like my jealousy too hot too greedy..."

Oh I really love working on squared pictures!

And this is not & you are not but...
I love how super tall I look on that picture!cool!

Caress every ache...
yes It's a confession I am in love with Photoshop ^___^<3<3

Retouching photos,helps adding emotions,give more power to the expression,make it more artistic and creative,deeper,crazier,it depends on what you want to say but it's a big freedom!

nothing left to say

I must say I kinda love the energies of the emotion of anger.
There is so much creativity generated in this.
I can't explain.
I used to be anger's slave^-^ahah that was rather funny...
but you know depression, mood swings and all, anger is the lot!

Now I do tame and rarely let myself get damaged or manipulated by this emotion because then I know there is something wrong and I am not me anymore,not following my own philosophy,my own ideas and what I prone...
Oh I don't prone living in denial!
I think people who can't express their anger because they think it s bad and will hurt another are sick and unhealthy!
any emotions has to be expressed to clean the dirt inside.

But I know if anger can really capture me, then there is something wrong and at that moment, I have to breathe deeply,slow down and take some distance, think twice,stay away, and clean my mind, my thinking to understand...

La noirSoeur des flâmes...

I also played with a beautiful picture of a dear friend.

I got a fascination for faceless pictures,the surrealism and the place for imagination in this, the soulful weirdness of it...

but in truth here she still has a mouth,but no eyes, so she still can speak
I do feel we don't need to see, we dont need the eyes to speak express so much of what we feel,sense,understand,capture...fleeting thoughts, make believe...

a little improv after this picture:

Little satin spirits under the silky white velvet
We're all haunted by a thousands dangling luminescence
Some solitudes are so heavy in the lost woods
We read mystic reminiscence in the pool of our tears
And how we feel so safe when transparent dwelling in quiet lonely landslides(...)


I had a real good time playing with that one ^_^
I was rather plain on that picture at the basis
was really ordinary,nothing so interesting, but I wanted to have a strange austerous expression
finally with the photoshop process it looked more bitter, angry or at least very cold.

Close the too heavy book now
Oh I can't breathe with all this dust
How can I carry so much waves in the Ocean of Empathy
Did I choose all these drowning after all
ah the last page how good it feels when things just die at the End
So gently so lightly
fleeting thoughts still swaying in the air
but I'm not crawling anymore
I know I can not take it all on my frayed wings
so goodbye goodbye beauty
farewell light and dancing fairies in gardens of ethereality
goodbye goodbye my tiny happy whirling ghosts
goodbye devourous ravens & sybilline migraines
goodbye loving vampires & rapturous cruelty
I feel your hands dragging my feet
I can't go there
I say farewell to the unravelled dolls and the porcelain smiles
goodbye goodnight sleep well sleep tight
I have hundreds of other galaxies where to lie(...)

OK I'll have more to blog about tomorrow hopefully if I can find the time! busy me!
Many bright blessings everyone, be well, be inspired & share your spark!

10 commentaires:

popy a dit…

Encore de superbes photos à tomber sur le c*** !!!! Great !!
ISA ^_^

The Lone Beader a dit…

I'm not into Christmas either, but I still hope you have a very merry one! :D

She Who Flies a dit…

How funny that you had a Kate Bush day! I was also watching Kate Bush videos on Youtube yesterday and December Will be Magic Again kept playing in my head :-)

I too was often told by friends and strangers, in my twenties and early thirties, that I looked a lot like her and was on two occasions stopped on a street in Dublin by people who thought I was her ;-) What do you answer to an excited "Are you Kate Bush?!" Huh...

You posted some gorgeous photos here. I really like your approach of Photoshop.

Enjoy Christmas and all those gifts and tokens of love and friendship. We're having a very low key Christmas here but the spirit of the holiday is much alive :-)

Jen a dit…

merry christmas wishes to you ...
sorry my gift/card will arrive after the day...but still they are given in the spirit of love and friendship and i hope they reach you soon...atleast before new year's...

such a busy time of year...i'm counting down the days until time slows down...

wishing you well and a good visit with family

SooticasDream a dit…

Bah Humbug to Christmas too! It's too commercialised for my liking.

I think anger can be a positive emotion, it can be a catalyst to getting thins done. People bottle their feelings up too much....if they were more open they wouldn't get so angry!

Have an wonderful Christmas!!
*mistletoe kisses*

lily cherry a dit…

Even if you aren't into Christmas I wish you the best,
This is not a religious-commercial thing; is a symbolic and esoteric thing about planets and energies that come every year on winter solstice,the most important energy of the year that helps to keep opened the anahata chakra,, even if the most of the people don't know about this.... but anyway I wish you the best for every day.
Jesus Christ, Lord Maitreya, Buddha and Krishna bless you.

Steph a dit…

You are so gifted! Photoshop is not an easy program to learn! A joyous new year to you!

Mich a dit…

Your photos are amazing!

I've also posted on Rainbow Dreams

Many blissings,

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thank you all for your kind comments and wishes:)

thank you Mich, I can't write to write and think about this, the heart chakra, my favourite! ah!it'll be so inspiring for sure:)

Blessed be my friends!

Jes a dit…

Wow, what a great post my dear! I feel like I've been hanging out visiting you for hours!



~Jes Berry