vendredi 30 novembre 2007

The solar plexus chakra

So today I want to do the chakra exercice inspired by Mich


* I honor myself.

* I offer my light and service to the world.

Interpreting excess or deficiency in the third chakra:

Excessive Characteristics

* Dominating
* Controlling
* Competitive
* Arrogant
* Ambitious
* Hyperactive
* Stubborn
* Driven (compulsively focussed toward goals)
* Atracted to sedatives

Deficient Characteristics

* Passivity
* Lack of energy
* Poor digestion
* Tendency to be cold
* Tendency toward submission
* Blaming
* Low self-esteem, lack of confidence
* Weak will, poor self-discipline
* Use of stimulants

Balanced characteristics

* Responsible, reliable
* Good self-discipline
* Positive sense of self
* Confident
* Warm
* Energetic
* Spontaneous, playful, humorous
* Able to take risks

Answer the following questions:

1. How do you rate your energy levels?

Well it depends on the season.I think I feel I am energetic when I can produce art a lot(painting).
I know right now that my energy level is dying really.
I have bad sleep verging insomnia, though I can have some nice dreams at times, they soothe me for sure.
But also had lots of nightmares.
so dark.
At the moment making art is painful and like impossible.
I try , I do my best to stay positive, to open up, to remember, to cling to something to my friends support...but I hardly want to do anything, or sometimes I have sudden urge to paint but what I do drives me insane...
I am filled with big disatisfaction and angry at myself not to be able to be comforted by the muses in painting etc...
I miss feeling energetic...I guess it's linked to feeling healthy and alive and I am not.I am not dead either thank Goddess! I still feel but it's like an emotional rollercoaster...

2. Do you take appropriate action when your energy feels diminished?

ahah most of the time if I know there is a reason. Here it's seasonal disorder. so I just try to still work.but I also want to respect my body and mind that need soothing and rest.

3. Do you feel the need to conform?

Never! I think I may feel sometimes that people would like me to be more this and less that but really I don't want to ever waste my time on this anymore.
conformity is a word that makes me laugh.
But I don't criticise people who feel like they need to conform to belong and feel accepted etc.
I think I would just really suicide myself if I had to conform and not be my own identity, showing expressing my own individuality.
I do think I may belong to some labels/cliché/stereotypes sometimes but I don't give a shit, I know who I am & what I am not.

4. Do you seek approval from other people?
in my friends, the persons who are important to me yes, I love their approvals.
I am honest I love receiving love it's even better in sad times or when I feel like shit.
but approvals, well...In general I do what I have to do, what is getting through me to be shared to the world...I am getting more and more detached from approvals.
at first for instance with my photoshop works I was like " oh well, I'll write I am experimenting so people won't say that's so crappy what are your doing???"
I felt I needed encouragement, but I was really constantly downplaying my work,Goddess!
how can live like this and play the same scene all the time???
just make art, be bold and screw the rest for Goddess sake!
we don't care.We just play and express. and the soulful emotions are the key, then as for beauty or ugliness who fucking cares?
I mean I see beauty in ugliness and I see ugliness in beauty.

5. Do you take responsibility for your own actions, or do you let other people control you?
well of course I am responsible for my own actions!
I do complain a lot and accuse seb if I lose something mwahhahaha that's the old couple evil bitching thing ahah;oP
I never let people control me except if I want it & then I'll ask for it.
Most of the time I like to be in control.
I am not a control addict but I fear the risks of allowing others to have control on me. I sometimes think loving and daring to let enter someone in my soul garden is dangerous.
well maybe at that time especially because I feel fragile...maybe lately I could easily get hurt...

6. Does shame influence your behaviour?
shame?well I hate to feel ashamed!
I try not to put myself in situation that makes me feel that way;-P

But I think that I'm very careless too, I do what I feel like doing then when it s done I can say or imagine some people will think it s crazy,ridiculous, or that I'm embarrassing myself or maybe them too... I dont know...
I think ridicule doesn t kill you;)it's good not to take oneself too seriously.
If some people think I am this or that it's up to them and it's only their visions of me not the person I am.

7. Do you assert yourself without dominating others?

yes I assert my soul, I dont need to dominate others.
I thought like this when I was younger, especially with men/in love, I thought I had to have power on them and control them to be powerful and to keep them.

Now I really hate control and dominating others, I think it's a lack of intelligence and a great show of weakness. if we need to dominate it hides something.
Moreover I think there is no real hierarchy, like people are better or superior and such, it's all bullshits!

When I am idealized I love it but hey I look like you when I wake up in the morning and I do all the human things too.

8. Can you stay focussed on activities and see them through to completion?

it depends sometimes yes and I don't want to be bothered I have to complete it or I'll get cranky:P
and other times I just cant concentrate...

9. Do you take risks in your life?

Yes a lot, my last risk was to create my own art business to be a full time artist:)
my next one will be to move and begin a brand new life...

I think we all have so much more to gain in taking risks than to lose.
Of course we can fail and get rejections etc, it happens, has and will...
but what must bear in mind are those moments when you took a risk and it was so worthy of it!that you learnt and grew from it.


this is my interpretation and picturing of Inanna.
about Inanna

Anna Bellah (for the Theater of the Frayed darlings collection)(not really finished I think)
Anna Bellah (for the Theater of the Frayed darlings collection)(not really finished I think)
this painting is for a little book I have in mind

Drifting Above Neverland (with you)

ah Mister Springtime...

Erase it all

How much I can Hate you...sometimes...
Time and time again, I wept from the deepest part of my Heart...Disconnect/Reconnect all the wire lest I should die

comment s'écrit Nos futurs

Marine Museum of soul wrecks(cropped )

We scream in cathedrals...

Thank You My Beloved Ones

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The Lone Beader a dit…

I am working up to taking the risk of becoming a full time artist... I'm in a transitional period... LOL.

Life is not worth anything if you do not take risks... :)


Liara Covert a dit…

Felicitations vis-a-vis ton progres sur la quete artistique et personnelle. Il est touchant que ton for interieur paraisse aussi tres profond.

I believe that becoming truly honest with oneself is the way to invite and generate the kinds of success we deeply crave. I value your reflections. Keep it up! Bon courage!