samedi 24 novembre 2007

Between gloom and glow

Your fairy is called Yarrow Willowshimmer
She is a caster of weird dreams.
She lives close to vixen and badger sets.
She is only seen when the first flowers begin to blossom.
She dresses in black and white like a badger. She has delicate green coloured wings like a cicada.

"Love is not consolation. It is light."
- Nietzsche -

I am lucky then I have the light. Thank you God/Goddess.

We don't celebrate thanksgiving in France but I really don't need it to feel grateful.
Even if I complain a lot lately due to my health worries, still have vertigos and yesterday I suffer a mean migraine and had to sleep most of the day:///
boring waste.
I was in such pain and I hardly slept at night because of this.
It was strange as if my brain was on mode active all night long, mixing thoughts,making a swirl of thoughts in my mind...sighs
so today ^_____^ I am a pretty zombie :-)

But grateful to be alive, grateful to have laughters with sebastien,grateful for my fabulous friends who mean a lot to me, grateful for the Muses, for the Fairies, for Art energies...

Yet I am still low energy...I miss feeling super energetic and hyper/bouncy etc
the physical pain is tiring...aaaah sighs,I can't help but complain.

well I don't feel like talking or venting much.
I am not at my best and that's all.
so art will be my voice:

Enough Enough Enough

Feed Her Soul with Flowers

Higher Understanding

Maybe it's too late

The Awakening

my mind says 'stop!' my heart says 'more!'#138

Ocean d'empathie close up

Ocean d'empathie

We're All Fallen From Grace

8 commentaires:

She Who Flies a dit…

I'm sorry to hear you're still suffering from vertigo and headaches. It's really challenging to function when your head isn't clear, isn't it? But I see this is not stopping you from creating :-) You're right, we don't need a special holiday to feel thankful. Today, I'm grateful for your art which pushes boundaries.

Jen a dit…

and i am grateful for what you share...and who you are...
grateful to have met you..
grateful for family, friends, life...opportunities...

hope you soon will feel better...

all the art you do is making me excited to do some creative things, too...feeling frustrated, not finding the right time...the right opportunity today...

between gloom and glow...yes...

and grateful, too : )

Marie a dit…

Hey beautiful! I've missed you...
Sorry you haven't been well...

But at least you still have your art to express yourself. You're doing some great things in photoshop? I have been blessed this year to have you as a virtual friend. I love your honesty and your sharing. Take care my friend.

ISA ^_^ a dit…

Beautiful paints !!!!!
ISA ^_^

Sandra L. a dit…

I hope you are feeling better soon. I love the art you've posted. I wish I could just "let go" and make art but sometimes I am so inhibited!

Migraines are terrible. I get them too! Ugh!

It's getting darker sooner too, which I am sure does not help.

Hang in there--sending you le soleil!

Myriam_Mamantoine a dit…

TeS oeuvres sont magnifiques de beauté.

J'espère que tu vas beaucoup mieux, je pense bien à toi. Biz

The Lone Beader a dit…

I I hope you are feeling okay today:)

Jes a dit…

Hi Cutie!

I'm so behind in visiting my friends, I finally set a side a morning to come a callin'!

As usual, everything you create is so lovely!!

Here is my Fairey name....

Your fairy is called Tangle Elffly
She is a cheerful sprite.
She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows.
She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears tangled dresses of multicoloured petals. She has delicate green wings like a cicada.