vendredi 14 mars 2008

I would feel safe...

Received another bday gift today, thank you Chantal:-) it made my day!:))it will teach me a lot...
It's a book about past lives and future lives...

Where I heard your Mystic screams Where I miss your Erratic dreams

"I would rip you all apart to take the pain you'd feel
And I would kill all my best friends to make this sweet dream real
I would make all your mistakes to try and understand
And if I hated who you are, I still would lick your hands

We're right back here again; I'd kill to be your friend
And die to kiss your skin, and never kiss again
Forsake my name for you; I'd rip my soul in two
And claw off all my skin just to let you in

Give me all your babies' breath and crumpled paper wings
Give me all your sudden death and other silent things
Give me all your broken dreams, your broken heart and home
Give me all your wicked thoughts of breaking someone's bones

I'd be afraid to touch you; I wouldn't want to hurt you
And no one's ever held me quite so close as you are (ahh)
And if you ask me to, I'll do us both for you
And if you hold me tight, I swear I won't be scared to die

I feel alone (la la la la)
I am alone (la la la la)
I've always been (la la la la)

(lyrics by Michal Towber from her first album Sky with stars)

songs like this make me smile as much as Rumi's writing, because it's the most amazing and insane passion of Love.

The one you would not mind burning your wings for.
big sighs...Hopeless romantic...

They Like Secrets, so do I

Au Disparu-To The disappearing One

who is  Divine Ache?

a fleeting apparition
a missing disparition
A vacancy that has not the same strength to inspire
But a void which made her run in fields of barb wires
Like in her nightmares of the previous night
A springtime meadow where she was running and hurting herself
Searching for meaning when silence is Bliss
oh I miss I miss I miss...

Unwritten Thoughts

baby phantoms,was it the weather now you're gone
I think of feathers for your soul to rest
in your Amazing Grace
However decadent however the somber clouds in our minds
We are made of these angelic energies
We are made of petals and dust
I won't ask you a thing
I wish I had read more
but now my soul hopes in secret for you
You have touched me
I can't wish I had touched you
May you feel the sincere Blessings of a fallen seraphic witch
Be well Be Blessed Believe in you

And for a nice week end we need a little Happy mood song ^_^
I adore that one, just bought her two jazzy album , I adore them:)))
Music is such a wonderful solace, the best embrace for the soul ever.
no ok words do matters so much.
They hug me tights too and so did my book friends:-)

"Don't need no substances
To get me rolling
Don't need nobody else
Here in my own skin
I'm everything that I want
When I've got this happy feeling "

the lyrics are so right and they awake my free spirit that needs to shed the coal dust of too many walks in the darkest paths...
Oh she is a lovely inspiration really.
It makes me feel like going alone to see and walk barefoot in the sand, twirl in the gentle breeze( well face the fact it's not gentle the wind these days)there would be sun licking my face and I could just feel the harmony inside healed and embraced by the harmony outside.
I would feel safe like I haven't in ages.

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DeBRiNa PRaTT a dit…

Hello Sweet Helene!!!
I must add your link to my new blog so I can check in often and read about your journey! Happy Birthday to you!
Fairy Kisses!

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thanks dear friend!:)
lovely of you to add me and thanks for the bday wishes, many bright blessings!
I ve got to have a look at your blog and will add you too of course!