vendredi 21 septembre 2007

Tree of Life, Who are you?

Praise and blame,
gain and loss,
pleasure and sorrow,
come and go like the wind.
To be happy,
rest like a giant tree
in the midst of them all.
~ Buddha

this is what we've been asked at virtual circle by Mich:

Reflect on your life objectively,
review it as if you are looking into someone else's world.
See yourself clearly .... who are you?

Oh I feel a little uncomfortable to have to talk about me this way because it always sound so self centered or you know like saying wow I am amazing ahah ^_^

so I will to not sound cheap or cheesy and to be very honest.

let's go...

I am an artist who really strive or thrive( never sure of the word) but I mean I really work my path,the me I am didn't appear all at once.
I had many falls.
I was loved and hated.
I have been welcomed and rejected.

all in all I am quite proud of the me I am now. with sincerely no fucking pretense at all. I don't mean I have reached my goals or achieved it all.
No of course not I feel I always have achieved almost nothing, I can be very harsh on me, it's not so bad, it keeps me working, and wanting to improve.

It's good to think and be aware you still will have a new thing to learn and a way to grow and get closer to the real person you are.

I do fear very much that people think I am so self centered, pretentious and fake.
It's useless and silly I know.

But sometimes I do assert my soul and my strenght and I am aware of being a real and strong woman, and I am bold,taking risk and daring, and sharing all of me almost ;)

But I am still vulnerable and a mere human( fae child ^_^)

I am a soul who needs to live in the Path of Offering and Giving.

I am still human and wont ever deny I love to be loved,praised, appreciated and complimented for who I really am (only;oP flowery things make me feel weird)

So yes I love receiving but never offer just in that goal but I can not imagine a life complete if I can not share my luck, my glow, my love and my sweetness for life with the world.(especially those who needs this)

so I am an artist who may never be really Famous ahah, who may never really make big money with selling art, I am able to imagine all possibles because I work and hope for the best *_* eheh

I may be nothing at all, just a drop in the ocean, just a shooting stars amongst many others in the immensity of the sky but I will go on pouring my lighs and fairy dust ^_^
Nothing will stop me( hopefully ^_^)

I don't think I am that beautiful so I love when people thinks it looking at my pictures.
I can take pictures who really do show my flaws but it just makes me be aware of what really matters in the end.

I less and less do pictures to reassure myself about my physical appearance.
I take pictures to make art, express a feeling, create something else totally different , give it another dimension sometimes I am super glad of the result

Salvation and ruin( version 1.2)

salvation and ruin (version 1.3)

The Ocean is Nothing

La nuit c'est toi

I am every women really or I can be.
It may sound so silly proud to say so but I do think and see also several women in my friends, we all have different personas and this way we are less bored and boring ^_^

I am someone who wants to do good down here and who will do it!
et toc!
I'd like to write more but already late to take the car and drive to my parents :)
nice weekend everyone.

Just another thing, at Humana Maelstrom I put a second interview:
Cordelia Sweetness, when the little mermaid turns into a fairy...

thank you for reading and maybe putting the link of my zine if you enjoy it to promote it a bit as a RAK ;) to share these beautiful souls and promote their talents around the world ^_^

I am this too:)
an artist supporter and a beautiful souls believer!
I believe anyone can shine and find their own talent if they take the time for it.

just wanted to share this song because I really love Muse, I saw Matthew Bellamy once and shyly say hello and took his picture( might show this one day ;) and had his autographe...Muse was one of my first concert and the most wonderful one, in the playfulness and freedom it gave me to find pleasure and really enjoy myself, in spite of the crowd , the sweating everywhere of me and others in the concert, the cigarette scent and all.
I jumped and dance and it was Magical, I was about 21 I guess, It was a wonderful memory, I could let go and stop caring about everything I was just fading in the music, becoming one with the crowd I used to loathe for some reasons( crowd makes me generally agressive because of agoraphobia etc ;oP some social anxiety I dont have it as much now ;oP ok a tiny little )

3 commentaires:

The Lone Beader a dit…

Muse is a great band! :)

ISA ^_^ a dit…

Tes photos m'épatent de plus en plus !!!! BRAVO !!

Jen a dit…

you achieve by being you
and you are loved
nobody is nothing at all
though but a drop in the ocean
so immense
love that you love
love you, helene beautiful soul

it is freeing to let the shyness dance and worry not what others think
freeing to let the judgements go...
let them float by...stand like the tree

we hope to be seen only and always as we see ourselves...but can only speak and do and act as we are and know that it is not failure if we hear a judgement an opinion that does not go with what we know

honesty, compassion, connection...helping the world see matters
and it is nice to see

you will always be famous with me..