jeudi 27 septembre 2007

Living in Giving

Je me donne

so that the theme of my life and of this picture.
feel tired now.
but always more to give.

I have so many things to write about, so many thoughts to share and feel big frustrations not to find the time to write, and I need to paint.
I think I haven't painted in two days.
way too much, maybe three?Oh my!

Did I mentionned I had my very first model shooting?
It was so nice ^_^
I couldn't have found better for this first time.
The girl, a little fairy, so cute and adorable.

I like spirits like these!

La Belle au bois dormant (version4)

Les fleurs en moi


thinking of you 2

Tous ces oiseaux dans ma tête 1.0

more to come
Her name is Stéphanie and she was motivated to be a model for the first time. she was funny a little shy at first and then taking initiative, giving, sharing ideas, being creative.
I was very glad, impressed and so happy.
Because it ended up being a real collaboration,both giving of ourselves and being in the creation.
so I owe her these nice pictures and more to come :)

ok better go to sleep now.
Tomorrow have to go to the post office to send love to three lovely girls I have promised something,sorry for delays, I'm not so forgetful just busy with too many things right now, but when I say something I do it, even with delays ^_^

Hope everyone is fine, I am thinking of you even if we don't contact much, sometimes I feel I just can't write to everyone but I can't either close the doors of my heart.

Many blessings & namasté!

6 commentaires:

Valaine a dit…

Beautiful, beautiful photos of her! You captured her spirit well! What camera do you use? :)

Marie a dit…

I'm really liking the new style...the colors and the textures are awesome. Your portrait of you is cool! Nice job with your new!

Gabe a dit…

Just wandering through blog land...such beautiful words and work you have here!

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

Thank you Gabe for the visit and kind words:)
blessed be!

The Lone Beader a dit…

Great photos!

Mich a dit…

You captured her soul!