jeudi 13 septembre 2007

Thank You Goddess!Thank You God! Thank you Life!

I am published for an artist profile :

Thank you so much to Cyndi Lavin at layers upon for her kindness!

I'm always so glad when I found new people who can enjoy my work.
The comments and encouragements I received at flickr and my websites are blessings and a real fuel to my work!
I thank you all so much!

Maybe some people can think she's boring with all her cheap gratitude, but really I have to thank somebody out there for all the glowing beauty I feel inside.
I am at peace within my heart/art.

Souviens- toi!

Make me laugh

Born Again In You

Pick out your cloud my Love


So this is my new collection: The Faery nymphs of Innamoramento
here her name is Myra bellah.
She is losing her mind in Impossible Love.

Everyone must have lived this once.
There are so many kind of Impossible Love.
And today I met a girl(in real, so something to say because it's rare in Helenina's life to go out and meet a friend but it was very funny but I got too many informations to really know how to feel about this potential friendship so life will tell) that might become a friend of mine with time.
so this girl, Lou has lived an Impossible Love story.
These things are so intense.
they devour you, you feel so high like on drug and you could almost quit it all for the love, for the sake of the fire, for flowers of Insanity!
the sweet madness, passion is deep sometimes too deep to sound real maybe.

this is what is written on the painting:
"Impossible c'est ce que l'Esprit me dit
Impossible Impossible Mon amour l'écrit avec ses soupirs mêlés à mes larmes
L'écho repond 'cible' et mon coeur est touché par les flêches de ses mots sucrés
Je l'aime.
Impossible mon petit chaos Impossible de glisser mes fleurs sur ta peau. Je t'aime"

this means , because I am a nice girl;)
"Impossible Impossible that's what the Mind tells me
Impossible Impossible my Love writes it with his/her sighs mixed with my tears
The Echo replies ' aim'{here I can not translate the play on word because its a ryhme and the word doesn t sound the same in English, sorry}and my heart is touched by the arrows of his/her sugary words. I love him/her.
Impossible my little chaos, Impossible to glide my flower on your skin. I love thee"

Ok I did play on the ambiguity here in translation because it's not said if it's a she or a he love in the French text, we cannot guess.

I might maybe one day,write the short novels of each girl Innamoramento.
For those who don't know Innamoramento is the blooming, birthing Love...the magick of beginnings.
Some passionate souls would say the Best of Love stories, but honestly with time and maturity we saw all the drawbacks in these beginnings ahah.
Like for instance the stress, the wanting to look sort of perfect, hiding our flaws and humanity, no finger in the nose,not being goofy, but being lots of clumsy because of passion and shyness etc.
I do love the fact Love is build secure and evolving, like the two people are evolving together.
That's why I am fine with sebastien and happier than ever.

But I do love the dream,romance and poetry of innamoramentos and sometimes maybe we all dream to live it all again and again, maybe without the drawbacks ahah.

so these sweet crazy in love and romantic nymphs will surely all have pink hair, hot or not, old pink would be nice too, we'll see.
Pink is a color I love very much ^_^
especially hot flashy pink :-)
I have got slippers like that at home, I call them my Paris Hilton slippers( laughing)
I am not any fan of her at all...(no comment)
But I can be kitchissim girlie girl sometimes :D
don't imply me have no brain ;)

so well and I thought that would be new and original and pink is Love :)

I hope everyone is fine:)
I am quite busy searching a house/ apartmenent, working on art, improving my photos, my Photoshop too
I am playing a lot.
Yes I do take nude art pictures.
It would take way too long to tell you why nude?
But I want nudity to be useful in a way, to have a meaning.
I think Feminine nudity is inspiring and poetic and no I'm not a lesbian, but I have written that many times!

I guess it's a prolongation to talk about the Poetry of the Feminine.
I would have much more to say but for now I just want to thank this life for all the good things happening to me this year 2007 :)
I want to thank the Soul of the Universe, my friends too for who they are, for their kind understanding and their big tolerance acceptance!
I love that!

I want to thank also all the people I dont know but who love me and helped me in a way. I send many blessings in your lives!

I want to thank the people who respect me because it is something that amazes me and really comfort me.(especially for my naked photos)
thank you for this!thank you for still noticing my soul, my realness ,my emotions and the Real woman I am in this. Behind this.

I am much more than just a sexy/sensual woman, but I think every woman should feel sexy sometimes:)
we all kind of like that.We are women.and that should not make us less Feminist!
Sometimes it's a little strange and painful to lose contact with this Root Chakrah because of Depression for instance.

I don't believe Sex is the most important in life.
to me the sex is art , writing, painting, poetry, music,singing but to feel complete, to feel balanced, sex is needed to some extent.
I know parts of me can also imagine a life of soul because I am always more a soul than a body.
But it makes life I guess a lot more fun ^_^

3 commentaires:

BoneFolder a dit…

Sincere gratitude is never cheap. If this is the cycle that begets beauty, so be it. We will release our exaltations like caged birds because they look good flying around your head, and because you reward us with images and words of incomparable beauty.

Life needs beauty. Unlike so many artists, you and your art are most beautiful when you're happy, so Life is conspiring to keep you happy.

Even though I love your self-portraits -- I flip through them for much too long -- when I see the nude pictures I do not think "Hey, that's Hélène naked!" (until you remind me) -- I think "Here is another portrait of feminine beauty by Hélène!"

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

oh thank you very much for your kind words again!
I guess life is made of many phases and cycles so I have to enjoy that one, I always forget there to say that my Bliss is inside, I am rather poor live with very little money, can't buy all the things I want, fight to buy canvas or paint, that I can not go in weekends or holidays with my love and that I still have to wait to have a baby because of our financial situation.

But yes I do not complain all these things in my life because even how amazing it might sound yes yes yes I am very blessed with little because I dont have to carry the load of Despair in my heart/soul.

Life taught me the best and I still want to learn more.

blessed be!

Marie a dit…

I loved reading your interview. I was at a place where I feel so out of place...but that is me out of my comfort zone trying something new. Though you don't call it advice, your thoughts on how you handle your own creative process and being stumped gives us insight on how to handle our own demons. thanks!
I ADORE your new collection! I just recently started work with a photograph of my daughter giving her angel wings...I'm trying it as a print, but it's more complicated than I thought. I think I like your first one best because I enjoy the earth tones and imagery. keep going!