mardi 18 septembre 2007

mood swings, poems and the realness of being

You can read here the first interview for Humana Maelstrom zine:

Daniel colvin interviewed by me
Feel free to live comments if you enjoyed this interview :) or have any questions ^_

I have another interview completed and in mind so many other artists to interview:)

The Fae

Here is a wonderful artwork he made as an artful collaboration with me.
How lucky I am!
merci! merci! merci beaucoup!

The Faery Nymphs of Innamoramento(Talenah)

The Faery Nymphs of Innamoramento(Viola)

so Here are two other Faery Nymphs.
I really like Talenah but a little less for Viola.
and forgetful me I forget to put her wings, I did it today so I'll share the finished work at today for sure.

Feeling very tired tonight.

They will hate you for your beauty and your Bliss

I did this rather as a sarcastic work it's called "they will hate for your beauty and your bliss"
I never understand that but yes people prefer to hate others envying them instead of finding their own voice/path.

so part of me do believe in this, that people will hate you if you succeed, in a way.
But I also believe strongly that some people will still love you and see you for who you are :-)

She looks very pure and delicate, I love that.
short hair is not something I usually done but she asked me to be like this :-)

à Table!!!!!

I am still going on feeding the kitties


they are so cute!
they make me smile :)
Mon Chat m'aime pas!

I'm also taking care of my Takun ^_______^ or rather bothering him with hugs too tight ahahah
poor kitty!

Sisters! why do they have to hide?

I'm going on with improving my photography art.
That picture above is called Sisters! why do they have to hide?

just a feminist wink to claim the power back.
tell me who I am I'm sure it'll make me smile

This is another picture that I really love,I feel it's powerful and a bit crazy strange!
I titled it " Tell me who I am , I'm sure it'll make me smile"
for many reasons, one of them is that most of the time people think things about me and who I am that I am not and it always makes me gently smile.

I enjoy sometimes blurring the trails and not being able to be deciphered, which quite paradoxale with my love for understanding and being real.

Maybe I just love to be where I am not expected!to surprise people who think they know me ;oP
It's my little pleasure!


More pictures at my flickr.

I have received an inquiry to do a workshop for my mixed media work in November, I am very interested and I will soon know more about that.

I am very busy but procrastinating a bit lately with business and it makes me feel a little bad, my only Big excuse is that we still haven't found a new apartment/house and seb has still not a job :(

so our life is still full of uncertainties.
It's weird.
Sometimes I even have this strange feeling in me that maybe I will have to find a daily job (not here as I have tried in Cambrai and even in shops they did not want me) but around Lille when we move.
Sometimes the business and art is something that makes me feel tired and wonder if I'll be a good business woman.

some other times I'm very ambitious and feel I can go very far.
I'm everything or nothing as usual :-)

so anyways a daily job would not be that bad for me!
I mean if I can find one I'll handle it though it's been a while now I haven't been in this society( laughing)

that makes me think of this poem in my head.

mild schizophrenia swirls

Is this real
I wake up with dreamy thoughts how to reach the Ocean
I breathe in painting and the day can begin
A stairway of words that lick my heart
I can climb higher now
I can handle anything
Am I really living in the real
I taste each second feel the sand of time
Gliding gently on my skin, through my fingers
Fleeting beauties
I connect with souls we message feelings
Is this real
I cherish and sip my solitude tea everyday
I fear I have nothing to give
I'm different yet my soul is pouring always more
To them
To you
To humanity
I celebrate each day the magick of the unseen
I'm dressed with layers of warmth and blossoms
I rinse my soul to waters of Hopes everyday
Even when melancholly is dragging my feet
What is real
All this freedom choke me with guilt if I dare think
Condemned for too much Bliss
I can twirls and dance with zephyrs
The breeze giggles with me
Everything is true
But you can not feel
Who can really comprehend this chaotic soul garden
Is this Freedom but an illusion
Time races in my heart
My head is fuzzy with memories
It's like it's so difficult to seize the day
Like everything so quickly fade away
From the morning star to the sunset
I don't want to die I dont want to die
So I jump each time higher on the clouds
I cling to what shines
I love as strong as I can
I cuddle idealisations and the blissful moments I can catch
Like butterflies that soars too high
But the mind reads not this
I always can feel this severed
My face is like a comedia dell'arte mask
I tango with this enchanting strange dichotomy
I know I'm not that sparkling
I'm no champagne
I'm no well of wisdom
I'm just a lonely river who loves
A shy flower who maybe tries to compete under the sun
She just wants her very own place in the Garden
When you give me time each of you
You make me that unique for you
But how can I thank you


Who cares about Pedestal? maybe she does

She runs
All the silence around
It's freezing cold
she can not stand it
She is fallen
She is ghost light
No one sees her no one knows her
She runs
she wants to shed those rags of her dress
Where " nothingness" is written
barefoot she aches her feet
she feels she is fading
like a whithering star flower
No more glow
They tread on her crown
they crushed all her grace
Nothing nothing nothing
The icy tears are all so real
Porcelain cracks
Strawberry juice of deep sorrow
She just wanted echoes & higher understanding
To be loved for her just as is
She crossed a desert
She crossed the place of Absence and void
her feet have walked on this thin line
Above the ravine
It's past
Pain is dead gone
"but you see I'm not dead"
Her smiles is covered with dew
Freshness of a new birth
Springtime in the Heart
Awareness of what is worth
She has run back to her life
She has built back her thrown
She may Princess of Nothing
but she has climb the pedestal back
"oh you can make me fall again"
She giggles witty sprite of another reality
She is not afraid anymore
Her wings are strongly attached
She had to sew them back
You can make her bleed again
You can ignore her
you can judge and loathe her
She is ready for anything
No Godliness
Her realms stands for Satin flowers
She is still barefoot
Still naked to the core
She just loves herself and she wants to live...

(sorry for the English mistakes, mispellings and such)

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Valaine a dit…

You have so much beauty flowing from within you! Its all so wonderful and inspiring!

Jen a dit…

poems made me cry just alittle

Vedrana M. a dit…

oh, beautiful! i agree with you -"I never understand that but yes people prefer to hate others envying them instead of finding their own voice/path."
love the photo of you and cat:)