jeudi 31 décembre 2009

Fairy kittens tale of the end of the year 2009


So today is Sébastien's birthday.
27.(and yes I'm turning 31 in March)

He's been treated a lot this year for xmas and his birthday:) so he's happy.
I haven't had much gifts myself but either I want many things or can't think of what I want so I feel I want nothing, I have all the most important I need.
I am blessed with being alive:)and loved

I bought him a beautiful shirt and a fun t shirt with a skull made of stars and pacman ghosts :)really cool!
he also got two wii games, so tonight we're gonna play Mario ^____^ and remember our childhood!

I have never been a video game players except during childhood and early teen age:)
but the wii is really fun!

Yesterday seb was on his way to the station to go to visit his grandma and uncle but he made a touching encounter so he was a bit perplexe.
What to do now?
So he phoned me, telling me he found two stray kitties cuddling near the road which obviously could be dangerous for baby cats.

I was for once a wee bit hesitating, I am pregnant oh! I cannot deal with kittens now!
but I react as I always do with abandonned kittens :Take them home!

So he missed his train and came back home with adorable kittens that he held in his arms like the father cat he is =^-^=
That was so adorable :)

My man is definetly ready to be a lovely dad!
I adore him!
So I put gloves and watched them in the sink.
The grey she kitty was not reassured at all, she was all trembling , how cute and moving!
Then I dried them in towels that of course we then throw to the bin.
We prepared everything in our bathroom for them to have a little home,not really knowing how we were going to sort things out with them and find them a place to call home.

But I put ads, hoping some good souls would be kind enough to welcome them.

After the bath we fed them, seb went to buy some kitten food, they were so skinny and they ate like they hadn't eaten for ages!
poor babies!

Then seb went to his grandma to tell his end of year fairy kitten tale :)

It's very funny but we often rescue kitties from the streets in winter time. It's the third time it happens.
It's always so moving and whatever you give to those creatures you feel filled with so much more.
I can't explain, you have to be a cat lovers to understand how these creatures can give so much and make you feel more human, they open your heart even more :)

In the afternoon I played with them.
Of course I put gloves again.
We had a lovely times even if our bathroom is rather small.
I loved their little meeewwing so kawaii ^_^

the Joker =^-^=
I fell in love with him, the joker ^____^ he was so like Felix le chat, too crazy and cute, surely an adorable pain ;) ahah
he needed some education so I played mother cat :)

Ha! we really have a deal with Bastet, we always keep on eyes on her babies when they need some loving.

But surely seb and I were cats in other existences, for me it's sure :o)
I adore milk ,shrimps and salmond :o)and cuddles!
oh and doing nothing! ;) Yes!

In a Zen book it's called the art of enjoying boredom, something like that.
To just enjoy doing nothing, resting,meditating, being in a frozen moment,it's very important to be able to do that now and then.

People who cannot stay quiet and immovable for a moment have a certain problem ,it's like a kind of nervosity or stress.
I know my mom has a hard time staying sit down and doing nothing, when she's at home she always do the cleaning , the washing up etc or else she gets bored!
That's a bit stressful at time, but now I know that, I can always think of a chore for her (kidding a bit)
I love her, I just phoned her this morning to tell her the news.
They might come to visit us in the beginning of january, let's hope:)

Last night of course I got a sort of anxiety crisis in the night.
I was very stressed with the kitten not knowing what we were going to do with them.
We already have a big cat and as I'm giving birth to another kind of kitten in March,it's really not the good timing :)

I would have had enough love for the black and white one but really it was not sensible.
the kitten this morning on the balcony:)

This morning I got two answers for the stray kitten, my prayers had been heard! :)

Of course I then enjoyed even more the little time to have them here to cuddle and play:)
The woman came in the afternoon and took them.
She seemed caring and responsible which is the most important so we are not too worried and she came with her two young kids so it was reassuring.

There is still a lot of Good souls in this world, the good in people is not something that's rare to be found, if we open our eyes we can see.
It's always something quite reassuring to me, it brings even more Glowing electric light to the Xmas Hope I was blogging about in my previous post.

Layers of seraphic blessings on this new year coming
It's a beautiful way to end this year 2009, to give back the love we've been given.
To share what we are blessed to have.

Of course I cried like a baby when the woman left with the kitten!
Give me not even 48hours with stray kitten and I get attached ;)

well I am also pregnant and naturally emotional.
we'll have a kitten later.
We already have an adorable Takun and a lovely sugarplum fairy to be born in March, what more to ask?
Life is beautiful.

Like I said once, Life is beautiful because it makes you cry.
It makes you feel.So alive.

All these emotions are divine, make us so connected to humanity and aware of all the good and beauty down here.

Of course whenever we do this I cannot help thinking that there are men and women "abandonne" in the streets too and it's a pity not to do much for them.

When we did the shopping we bought some food for a charity that helps the needy.

But when you see a person with no home living in the street, you never really know what to do.
You cannot obviously do the easy things like for kitten.
Of course you can still buy them some food if they are not reluctant to accept it, I often am just too ill at ease to dare approach them.
It's a pity.
Anyways I am realistic ,it's not easy to help everyone.
There will always be people in need.

It keeps making us more empathetic and maybe more aware of the luck that we have a home, food and all.
We cannot take our blessings even how small they can be for granted.
We are the lucky one.

So this is how 2009 will end for us.
We're gonna make a nice meal tonight, play all our new games on the wii and watch a nice dreamworks or pixar movies as we are addicted to them and got some of them for xmas!
We loved là haut(up in English) it was a really moving movie, in fact I just cried during the first minutes of the movie,yes I am emotional like this, but the love story was adorable, and the woman miscarried so I could also remember this pain and also be aware of my blissings.
Seb was moved too.

We watched another movie some weeks ago and there was a miscarriage too and I loved how he held my hands.
I was fine, I did not cry, we are having a baby girl ,we live in present time :)because it's gift!

Also I have seen so many couple breaking up,divorcing or having trouble in this end of the year so I am even more aware of what we have ,that we have to entertain ,preserve and keep on making bloom :)

It's really not easy at all to be a balanced couple in bloom,it takes ages,many years, quarells, lack of understanding,lots of grief too, mistakes...Life is not all roses!
Really I could write a book on the subject but gosh I would not know where to begin.
But even if I'm not an expert I've had my share of couple problems unhappiness, that's why I am really not afraid or guilty to express my happiness now!

I do not know what life has planned in the future, we live one day at a time, making the best of it!

I do believe that with true love both side and good communication,both sides have to say what they expect from their partner and get closer to the love they need, because it's so unhealthy and makes you grow sad and bitter like incomplete in your soul if you accept to feel unloved,it takes also some compromises but no sacrifice, you can be together forever,you can save your couple and make it be healthy, happy , we all can have like another honeymoon , trully!

This morning I had a dream my parents were divorcing, I was so sad.
Of course it was just a bad dream and in it I was aware of my luck to still have my parents together after all these years!
Of course they do quarrel and all, sometimes it's boring to see that ^_^ but I guess if there was no love and no common points no shared passion they would not be together after all this time :)

Wherever you are in your life right now, count your blessings don't focuse on your lacks, think of your hopes dreams and wishes, all the good things you crave to have visualise them as if they were here and now!
It's a good feeling and it helps making things happen more quickly.
We definetly need a good will, an open mind and heart and a daring soul to get the things we want in this life!

I remember in the past how my bitterness and cowardice got me stuck.
That's another living proof on how we can improve and evolve our human being just because our spirit is strong and can always learn, think different and so forth.

So well, everyone I am wishing you a nice end of the year, remember you are loved even if you cannot see or feel it now and like everyone else in this world you have things to give, to share, reasons to be there, so don't give up!

Keep wishing and dreaming!
Call your dreams across the oceans, they will reach you if you don't lose your hopes!
Don't remain in the thinking whatever you think, live in actions, reality, concrete matters.
Here & Now.

Enjoy the small details.Make your life begin now!Make your soul rebirth in 2010!

Bring on the Positive vibes!
Don't live in martyr, dare to say no when enough is enough!
Dare to ask for help when needed!
Dare to open your heart, trust others & dare to love !
Dare to be selfish now and then, don't carry your loved ones sorrow, don't be the savior, the crutch, the sewer of their heart pieces to's wonderful to have empathy,it's beautiful to help and listen, but some people sacrifice themselves and get used and abused by that kind of situation, they end up being some kind of savior whereas they also need to be saved somehow, to feel loved, to receive too.

We can be good friends good listeners but sometimes it's alright sane and right to say enough and protect oneself!
It's not your mission or load to take, it's theirs.

We all are responsible for our actions.

I have been there several years ago.
Living in self neglection is no good for your health and balance.
A healthy life is made of give and take.
Open your self to that!
Make a change happen!

We all can be guardian angels

You only, know when it's time to let go & swim across new shores
I want to end with some music:
Harps of gold

snow angel

I don't love all the songs of this new tori amos album, but those songs are beautiful,calm and apeasing.

I am not religious but I love this catholic quote, whoever is your God or whatever is your faith, may you be blessed in 2010!

God loves his children
Glōria in excelsīs Deō, et in terrā pāx hominibus bonae voluntātis.

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MyriamMamantoine a dit…

Je suis ravie de voir que tes petits chatons ont trouvé, grâce à vos bons soins, un nouveau foyer.

Je te remercie pour tes souhaits et tes mots si réconfortants. Je te souhaite ainsi Seb, et à ta petite perle d'amour de bons souhaits pour l'année 2010 qu'elle vous soit douce,heureuse,prospère.

Je t'envoye une pluie d'étoiles magiques.

allison a dit…

All the best to you my friend!
and for your lovely family that is growing :)