mardi 13 octobre 2009

Poetic Terrorism, my first but surely not the last Heart project!

poetic terrorism finally on sale for the public!

you buy a work of heart and art and all proceeds will go to a charity that helps children in Nepal which is something that really touches me.
(more info at the links)

the wonderful generous and( oh so patient) artists included in this book:

Alexandra Efrimov

Amanda De Vito

Anna Kieblesz

Anna Malina Zemlianski

Cari Ann Wayman

Carlina Hooper

Carmen Götz

Cécile de Vries

Charlotte Boeyden

Charlotte Miceli

Diana Debord

Lisa Sieczka aka Elle Moss

Emily Hunt

Eva Moreno López

Fabienne Lin

Florencia Lira

Hélène Deroubaix

Helle Kristensen

Iva Yaneva

Jana Pryor

Jen Grace Kull

Jessica Silversaga

Judith Crispin

Karin Bengtsson

Katie Mullins

Kendra Rutledge

Kerstin Auer

Leanne Surfleet

Lydia Hansen

Maia Van Ingen

Michelle McRae

Michelle Merle Pace

Misty Mawn

Olya Seredyuk

Shelbie Dimond

Sofia Ajram

Teresa Horstmann

thank you again to each of you so much for helping me make this dream project a reality!

blessings and bright light!


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