vendredi 9 octobre 2009

Oh selene , Hecate is bleeding...

I am utterly pissed off at the damn mission of the NASA of bombing the moon.
I am busy right now but way too tired to do anything and I feel like writing and sharing because I cannot stay on mute mod when I read such things , when I see those reactions, Goddess it pisses me off!

Those so called lecturers who think they are better than you making generality and exagerration like oh what a world without science let's suppress everything that takes money to give it all to the poor then!
How fucking cynical and haughty!

I am so ashamed of this mankind at times, really. I wish the Universe can forgive us, this overpride, they need to take everything under control, to possess, to produce more,use,abuse, with no gratitude with no respect with no damn humility!
How insane and how cruel is all that!

you only have to look at the way they do the cultures of cereals and the GMO
yes we eat them for sure in many kind of food maybe even in our breakfast bowl of fav cereals and it's not written on the package of course;)
the right to choose what to eat huh?mind you,it's not in their interest if they write GMO, less and less people would buy.

I try to avoid to buy with MSG,with fake sugars(it gives cancers), hydrogenate oils, what is funny is now on ads on tv they begin to say this " without hydrogenate oils"
without paraben

why a world with all those toxic things in our food and cosmetics had to be made this way?
why now it's gonna be commercial to write all the without all our past crap?
insane world!ugliness!hypocrisy!

I am very upset.
it's not only the moon bombing mission, it's the whole way the world is and how we keep doing the same mistakes.

The way animals are treated in certain place. We eat them, why do we need to torture them and lack of respect to them?

I am not against meat eaters at all. I used to be some kind of neo veggie but with pregnancy I had to eat meat again.

I am tolerant and I do believe yes science can teach us things and it's interesting to know more about our solar system etc, but all the money to bomb the moon to see what she has in her guts? fuck that crap!
I can't explain how this is not normal this not something we should feel allowed to do.
Besides the latest mission on the moon said they found water, what was it already? such a tiny percent that it was totally ridicule!

I just cannot bear arms and the use of violence on everything, I cannot accept the way we keep treating Gaia and really this news about the bombing on the moon and reading there was Impact party and some so called smart ass scientific saying it's gonna be cool?
do we belong to the same galaxy?
it's the same Americans who wanted to try hiroshima, the same kind of people who made the nuclear and wants to make us think it's a clean energy whereas they still have a hard time to control it, remember tchernobyl...sometimes I can't believe I am in this world, all these disasters, all these damages, in the name of what?science?progress?could they stop taking us for jerks for a sec?

I cannot accept the lack of respect.

The moon is such a symbol too,it's related to the feminine cycle and I love the moon's energy.

"Mummy, if they bomb the moon does that mean we won't have any more Night?"

I wish this mankind could be more responsible,kinder,more respectful.
I am a mere dreamy idealist, I do believe with all the money involved in things like these we could have saved some children from hunger, we could done better things,but of course no, we dont give a fuck about this.

We care about poverty only when it is good for our political campaign and image.

I dont believe in a world of peace,there will always be wars it seems, because it's good for the occidental societies' business...neither do I believe in a world without capitalism alas... but I believe there is a waste of money that could be used to save our planet that is dying.
We keep on being warned and do so little about this.
I believe there is a waste of money that could help the poor countries but only if we weren't so demago about them, selling them arms so they can keep on killing one another so they die more quickly and the rich gets richer
yeah call it a simplistic view, but it sums up a lot.

I am not only aiming at science money, it could also be advertisement money!
all that bullshit on tv! all this money that could feed so much...
well you know the poor are not that far, we dont need to go to Africa or India,sometimes it's your neighbour or down the street!
yes people live with so little.

a minority of wealthy jerks take the power...such imbalance...
and we keep on paying insane and insulting wages men who kick a ball...yes maybe I'm mixing it all, but it's capitalism ,greed,power...
I am disgusted.

I am not perfect,I belong to this mankind but I feel I'm aware of what we're doing and it's painful to see and to feel so powerless.
I want to live in harmony with our planet, trying to be an eco citizen, protecting Gaia as much as I can.
Recycling, sparing water,not wasting energy,using fair trade and ecological products.
I wish there were more people engaged in this fight.

As a mother to be, I want a better world for my kids, I feel its so saddening to see all the disaster and not to be able to react more than with words and creative expression.

I would never join any political parties because I have a hard time believing any of those people, it often seems merely about power.
But I am much more into ecologist parties and communist.
Because I believe we could share more.

In an ideal world things would be easier because we would all trade skills, I imagine a world with mighty $ & €
maybe that sounds naive and going back to old ages, it's very idealistic for sure but we all have skilled to trade, we would all feel useful to another one and we would feel more united, would interact more, maybe respect one another more.

I am very sad that in our society the value of a man is often seen according to his wages,and don't tell me it's not true.
I have seen it, I have lived it how you are mere shit to society when you do not earn money.

But you know when I see what Americans are doing I'm scared too about what the Arabian countries could plan together and what about the Chinese?

This world is a place where power & money has definetly become more important than humanity and well we should by now find this normal.Like they say , this is the life!

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Anonyme a dit…

Such things really took on a new significance when I became a father, and I understand your concerns.

Any you're right about the cycles; it's not just a supernatural thing.