jeudi 25 juin 2009

Blessed be Michael Jackson!Blessed be for all the years you made us Dream,Sing & dance!

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
~From a headstone in Ireland

Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.
~Emily Dickinson

Oh precious Emily, I cannot more agree with you dear!
You that I never met you are loved and thus immortal to me like a sister I have felt so close to.

We really have to LIVE & LOVE now.

love that video so much
so moving.

I do believe in a continuity though but still it's better to enjoy this lifetime, this experience in this body and this life to the fullest so we keep learning, growing for even greater future existences, other kind of experiences and maybe even other kind of dimension.

Death is not stopping.

I couldn't help crying, how could I?
And what for?
I am an emotional and hypersensitive person and whatever my beliefs are , death is sad.
It brings nostalgia,so many memories,a time of our life and also the fact the person won't create anymore.

And creation, art of any kind is something utterly meaningful to me.

There are those people who've somehow became associated to your childhood, your good times, the holidays in car across the country or even to Greece or Turkey with my parents and friends.
Ha! the lovely 80's and early 90's!
Loveliest time,carefree and somehow things looked realer than now maybe because of this pure feeling that we didn't need much at that time.

We knew how to be happy with what we had, then everything happened at once, and the more we got new technology and new things the more we wanted new things in every fields of our life.
That's perhaps why our era sounds so soulless.
Maybe I'm just a nostalgic or whatnot.
Maybe I'm just aging.

But is it a lie that children are lacking innocence nowadays?
everything is told to them way too early, we prevents them from dreaming longer, from enjoying this carefree time and from believing in magick, wonders and all.

Call me idealistic.I'm proud of it.
I will always believe in faeries and I am not the only one.

I feel I am so aware of the way our societies have been, we always see this.

When watching Pekin Express( a sort of real tv show about a race around Asian countries which is a very human kind of tv show according to me)we see that, how people in those poor countries are so more welcoming, how they invite people to sleep or eat in their home, while we are all barricaded in our home, to protect ourselves, we're all suffering from the ambiant stress and general mistrust because nowadays everyone can become a killer.

It does not mean I am hopeless about this world, of course not.
Just keep wishing we would all be more human.
I am often criticize on my big mouth, my being so damn frank and my expressing my anger.

But I am real and so human.
Utopia by alanis M.
this is still one of my most favourite song, because of the beauty purity and energy it has.

And I do believe that this mourning the Great Michael Jackson we are all united in this sharing of sorrow, of knowing how we're gonna miss him.

I kept for several years hoping he would do another album, something brand new!
He could have! He definetly could have blown us away once more!
He did so many times.

He made us dream, feel good, sing in car trips, laugh, dance.

I remember when I was ten years old I was deeply in love with him!
I even fell in love with a boy that to me looked kinda like him, maybe he did.
I remember he would brush his hair like Michael in songs like Billie Jean ;)

Billie Jean
I still sing out loud in my car when listening to that one I must admit!shameless!
But how not to want to dance and sway while singing that song ^_______^
it's full of a great energy!

I loved dancing listening to Michael Jackson, I loved his trick!
It should have been a shocking things but for children we often laugh at this and loved immatating him with my brother François.

we were fans.
Even my parents!
I believe especially my father, who would put up the volume whenever there was a Michael Jackson song on the radio and sing out loud.
I believe I kept that habit from my father (laughing)

I remember my girl friends at that time always told me and thought my father was so cool because he would sing Michael Jackson
But I was not close to my father at that time.
Yet when we shared this passion for M J we were together, united!

I love how Music has definetly this power to heal the world, to spread such a wonderful energy that people commune together.

Black or white

I have some tapes where I recorded my voice and my best friend of childhood D. when we were singing " Heal the world"
we were about 12/13 years old and we were just learning English,so it was cute to hear our accent!
I would love to listen to this tape now but Modern world I don't have any tape players anymore but in the car, then it means I'll have to throw away memories?

These memories were precious to me.
There are on these tapes the moments of the unique time of my life when I still loved my younger bro when he was a baby.
Then this love died away or turned into hatred, but as Hatred is useless I decided it Ignorance was bliss.


Yes I am not a perfect person I am a human being.

Smooth criminal

Michael Jackson has rocked my childhood.
I believe I have loved singing and as a child and teen I would sing with him all the time ;)
then I loved Kurt cobain early too ;)
but I still loved MJ at the same time.
Later around 13 I had a passion for Lenny Kravitz ;)

Music has always been a passion since I was born;)

I have a picture of me being about 5 and with big earphones of the 80's listening to rock music!

Music is a healer, a smile on your face when you don't feel good.
That is why we look up to those stars, they really make a change in our life.
It's not just being fan insane and wanting to know what they ate yesterday, I am not that kind of fan, I don't care.
I am an admirer of artists and have always been.

Heal the world

I love people who are true givers, who have this beautiful energy to share, to give Blissful emotions to others, the ones who make us dream, who Inspire, who spread the Love and hope!

I have always loved that and will always.That is always what I aspire to, to make people dream, to inspire, to keep creating with pure love energy and to spread it around.
This said I'm not comparing to those genius I admire, but I believe we are light wavers to unite this humanity, to awake the humanity in others, to make them Feel again and remember.

What truly saddened me is that Michael Jackson had been dragged in the mud for so long, people only wanted to criticize him and he couldn't be free at all.
yeah the kind of same attitude towards famous people like with Britney spears.

How honoured and impressed must Britney have felt on that day!
She has been blessed to sing with him really!

In the closet

People well mostly paparazzi have to spread shit on the hero, on the people who are so admired around the world.
Is it just envy?
Is it just money?

I also am quite aware that people will keep making joke even about his death of find ways to criticize, insult who they think he was and whatnot.

I wonder how these people sleep at night.
No dreams anymore for them.

It's definetly okay not to be a fan or even that MJ's music is not your cup of tea but then don't try to tarnish his memory what's the point in that?
Would you feel better then?

I will never believe MJ would have abused or hurt a child. Never.
He may have depression and a strange closeness with children right.
I also believe he was so rich that people would have done anything to ruin him getting some.
Whatever his personal life or his problems I think we love an artist not for his private life that should be none of fucking business!
We loved him because he made us dream and we all should have been perhaps more grateful for this instead of throwing him in the mud on the public place!

why you wanna trip on me

I am sure I am not the only today who is heartbroken by this death and who will live with this sweet feeling of nostalgia.
I am sure a lot of people on this planet are crying because of Michael Jackson's death and have those childhood stories to share about him.
I believe it's beautiful.

I truly hope they will make a real deserved homage to him on tv to remember, to mourn, to sort of say goodbye till later!

You know I would have a hard time believing a child of the 80's cannot have a memory with an MJ song:)
If you want to share with me some of your memories or thoughts about this death , please feel free.

You know he will surely be for us like for instance the death of John Lennon was for our parents.
A tragedy, somebody who will be missed and still admired long time after his death!

And I listened to John Lennon as a teen so I believe I can imagine my children(when I'll have her)listening to MJ one day.

We all dig in our parents musical past.
Especially when Music is a real important thing in your home, it has always been like this with my parents.

For sebastien and I too, music makes us feel good and inspired!

I wish I were in L.A now to be able to be their for MJ's funeral, not as a morbid desire, but to feel the love of humanity.

Why each terribly sad event of all kind unite us is not a mystery. Empathy is what make us HUMAN.

Empathy is the greatest LOVE on Earth and one of the Purest.

With all he did, with all his care and involvement, I can only believe on top of being an amazing and one of kind artist that a lot have imitate or got largely inspired by, he was also a Beautiful Soul.

The kind of person who is commited and don't only thing about life in pink or himself.

I wonder what Tori amos will express about this death, I don't know how at all what she thought about MJ.

Nobody will ever sing or dance like him.
He will be remembered and missed a lot.

He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
~Kahlil Gibran

Blessed be Michael Jackson, peace out to all his fans and the people,friends and family who loved him true for his art and humanity.

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Nancy Hunt-Bartek a dit…

Beautiful words, well spoken. This too, has had a heavy impact on me. I still remain in shock, disbelief, and sadness over this loss to the world of this brilliant icon. He was loved by so many.
fondly, Nancy