samedi 21 mars 2009

Blessed poetry in Utero

Let them talk

life is too beautiful sometimes we just cant understand
so we put red dresses on that can last just one day
As the words go by the ribbons get undone
And the paintings and pictures in their frame
could say a lot but they say nothing
The viewers create their own reading in the knots of her hair
In this light of her smile
Life is too beautiful sometimes we just can't understand
For the luck we have to be daring and to untie the hands
The songs have freed themselves
How light how pure and relieving to be free from this and their eyes
detached from the stares and stars
careless otherless swaying in the sunbeams of the most delicate solitude
How wonderful to be freed from needs & to kiss the essential
As the sun rise her glow on my pillow
as the sun set we communicate through the looking glass
I'm already so in love with this poetry in the middle(...)


I am feeling really good.
I have been feeling quite tired for the first weeks of my pregnancy and now slowly my energy is coming back though I never sleep a complete night without waking up.

We are very happy to expect this baby for the end of october.
We'll have more news after the ultrasound in April.

But it's a wonderful Blissing in our life .
My mood is lifted with this amazing news and also the fact Springtime is finally there:)
Everything is beautiful and poetry is all around.

In the first weeks I needed to sleep more,that's why my creativity were put aside.
But I am feeling good to come back.

This year is definetly a big year of changes for me & I am feeling so grateful.

La soie des songes

my latest collages and paintings:

Now let this blissing turn me into a Goddess

Petite Rose pour le Jardin Sacré

Le jardin des petites Muses
The Nest of Her Dreams( Home Sweet Mom)

For the sake of Sister Poetry

Awakening of the source-ress with Artemis

It's Your Year Be Everything That You Need

I also have drawn the winner for the give away, so the collage Les chemins de l'amour will go to Hélène la fée :))

I have so much more to write but I'm a bit tired tonight and watching tv at the same time:p
feather storm and honeyed starfalls

Soeurs lunaires

Je te aime

Something too beautiful that it made you forget all the things you had called Bliss

she was there quietly floating above the river

sounds of light

Seasonal songs

I am no bird

La esperanza muere última

Tomorrow is just another now

published in Washington state magazine

Also I turned 30 and I am living this like a great new rebirth in my life.
Thank you everyone for the cards, gifts and wishes! it was so kind of you!

Maybe there'll be more words next time :)
till then, Namasté my friends!

2 commentaires:

Darcys Knotty Knitter a dit…

Congratulations on the baby you are definitely glowing:)((((Hugging You))))) Darcy

fée un voeu a dit…

Que de belles nouvelles en ce début de printemps...
je suis trop heureuse d'avoir gagné "les chemins
de l'amour"... je suis impatiente !!! bises