lundi 9 mars 2009

Illustration Friday : intricate

Intricate Elegies

this is my illustration for Illustration friday: Intricate
I did this rather quickly not thinking much, not drawing first, just letting go, total impro.

This is Your song

I 'm talking spring for you to find the way to me
for us to find the way home
I never thought I could be
never thought I could be Home
the shivers of cloudy thoughts
cannot tarnish the dream drum of this soul within
How strange these feelings
to know how long you've been missed
I will sing seasonal songs for thee
we will unfold together
I so long to hear the under water heartbeats(...)

But I still can dream to be invisible

you still can sign up for the Give away mixed media collage at the previous post :))

2 commentaires:

Rui Sousa a dit…

Really lovely interesting piece,

rui sousa

MyriamMamantoine a dit…

Quelle belle photo avec ce bel oiseau, je ne sais pas des 2 ensorcellent l'autre. Je pense bien à toi et à ta perle d'amour. Biz tendres