mardi 16 mars 2010

Nina June Eliane was born on the 10 th of march just a little before mommy's birthday


In Love and Bliss

I still can't believe she's here, almost a week in this world, in our life:)
how wonderful!
we're already so in love with her.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart of all the kind words, kind thoughts, compassion, kind advice, lovely gifts for Nina or for my birthday and all the lovely birthday wishes here and there!

Thank you so much, I am deeply touched by all these waves of kindness , love and friendship!
It does mean a lot to me.

It's a short post for now.
I am really too exhausted to write and the birth went really awry, I kinda went through a profound hell even reach some kind of despair during the labour and pushing part, it was oh so hard.
I will blog about it later, I still have a hard time to re-live this in thoughts, in my mind, all the images, the emotions ,me being so upside down...
anyways, I have tried my best to write to my dear friends , but if I haven't yet replied to your words, emails, letters(yeah sorry penpals but I won't write letters before a month or two, I need RESPITE.)

I am not forgetting you, neither am I neglecting our friendship, I hope you know you are important to me enough to believe my silence is lack of energy and time:)
but I think of you and I miss you.
can't wait to be back to "normal" well to just feel some energy, I could not imagine such a fatigue when I complained about the pregnancy fatigue , I definetly knew nothing about what tired meant ha!

so voilà.
more pictures and words later.
I am going to try to take at least a picture of each week birthday(?)to keep all these precious moment frozen on pictures:)
but to write about Nina's birth I'll take the time later when I really feel much better.

Don't worry no matter what I am still feeling hugely blessed and I am alive in her eyes. I smile in the morning and keep telling myself reality is oh so different now, it s oh so new, so beautiful and of course : marvelous is my obsessive words when I talk about Nina :)

I love her more than I could have ever imagined but of course it always happens this way.

Love and hugs to you guys!

you can see a video on " bonjour de Nina" it's a blog done by sebastien:)
soon I will translate the posts written by sebastien so Foreign people will be able to read:)

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...o, what a wonderful gift!!!:D

winnsangels a dit…

Congratulations. Thank you for sharing this fabulous news.
And such a gorgeous young lady already is Nina June Elaine.
Not to worry about getting back to us. You must look after yourself for your dear wonderful miracle.
Angels be with you and your dear wonderful Nina.

fée un voeu a dit…

Qu'elle est belle...
Bienvenue à la merveilleuse petite Nina !

Sandra L. a dit…

My dear Helene, What a lovely baby! Congratulations to you! Best wishes and love always from Sandra.

The Lone Beader® a dit…

Congrats on the birth of your new baby!! There is nothing more beautiful than a mother and her child. :)