jeudi 18 janvier 2007

Self portrait Challenge: New Year's resolutions you say?

tout ce qu on dit de toi

To be more daring whatever they say about me ;)

It is my first time joining the Self portrait challenge:)
I think that picture was perfect for the theme:) but I am eager for the next theme:)

I love that picture because I really look like a very important part of my personality: whimsy witch ;o)
the sweetly annoying woman that drives them mad sometimes ^__^

that picture shows also the daring fae in me, the one who will go on no matter what.
The one who is motivated to do great things along this year & evolve art wise and spiritually wise:)

I often have that feeling people limit others with words, with attitudes, because maybe we often act this way, but we are more than this aren't we?

I think there is something self assertive in that picture, something in me does know I trust my soul whatever the failures, breaks ,falls & walls I may encounter on my way.

I am hyper emotional,fragile,sensitive, sometimes broken secretly...but yes I am willing & strong at the same time:)
and this year again I will work on never giving up whatever happens!

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