lundi 4 mai 2009

Awakening of your inner muses and true self, let's dance in the creative healing circus!

You just got to believeAnd I dreamt the whole world was pink

Muse coaching fae

I am offering e-courses as a Muse coach for women interested in reconnecting themselves to the goddesses and using creative healing to feel more in touch with their soul and their true essence.
the courses will be every week for a month about spiritual journey,art prompts and creative self portrait challenge.

feel free to have a look.

The classes should begin at the end of May till the end of June if I have enough students to start with.
so if you're interested, feel free to ask questions(via emails)and let me know.

Blessed be!

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Joelle a dit…

What a wonderful Blog! LOVE all your photgraphs!!! I just found you through Debrina Pratt.
Best Wishes with it all!
Joelle XOXO